Is Wi-Fi A Necessity Or Something You Cannot Do Without?

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In today’s market place internet is a must have without internet it’s almost as if people cannot exist. What did people do before the internet? It’s almost impossible to imagine given today’s context. You need internet wherever you go it is your ideal travel partner and almost all devices are Wi-Fi enabled.Nevetherless if you’re a group traveler especially on business having Wi-Fi on the go is very vital and it is best to get a Wi-Fi router and produce Wi-I hotspot in order to connect all the devices of the group travelers which will be convenient for all to keep working while on the move.

What is pocket Wi-Fi? It is portable mobile router which works on battery that with Wi-Fi hotspot ability. It also enables Wi-Fi on the go and if able to connect any device via the Wi-Fi. The most widespread pocket Wi-Fi devices are around the similar size as a credit card which is convenient to take it around any time. In today’s day and age where looking of convenience is the most important thing,carriying this makes life much easier especially for all business travelers to be on the move while at work. These devices ranges from different know-how’s and different types as well. Condition to your price range you can either go for a device with the minimum functions of you can pay higher and go for a device with large about of functions and various options.

Below are a few things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a pocket Wi-Fi device
• Number of devices being connected at a given time. Also check this Vietnam WiFi Egg.
It is important to find out how many devices can be connected at a given time. Most allow around five at once which seems an acceptable amount. It depend of your usage it you have it for an office use or home use with many members it is better to go for a device which allows more devices to be connected.

• The Data plan
If the device you purchase is a locked device it is best you first check with the internet provider of the available data plans. There will be many pre and postpaid data plans to choose from but be mindful as most service providers give out the device at a lower price but markup on the data plan.
• Support of data cards ( 3G and 4G)
In order to enjoy the internet with the higher speed it is advisable to make sure that the router supports 3G or 4G

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