How Traditional Signwriting Can Be Challenging?

Many believe that signwriting is a form of Art. It may be true in some respect, but not by the people who do so as a profession. With the current techniques of advertising and signwriting, they face a great depravity in the amount of work they get. Therefore it’s not for Art, but they think of the money before getting the work done. Apart from this, signwriting isn’t as easy and comfortable, like sitting on a higher place and drawing. There are some serious glitches they have to face in their job. Given below are some of them.

Site visits

Before accepting a job, professional signwriters visit the site in order to carry out a cost estimation and gather a knowledge about the place. Once the client agrees with the price, they would start the work. The difficult part of it comes next. During the site visit only, the painter gets to see what sort of ground they will set up their sign writing trestle on. Usually a pavement will be flat and fine. But if it’s a lope or camber, extra effort is needed to place the trestle on a flat place. One slight miss of foot while climbing, would not end well for anybody. This is one risky business.


Weather is an unpredictable obstacle all the outdoor workers have face. It’s not an exception for the signwriters either. More than others, a sighnwriter may be affected by the weather more harshly because their entire project depends on dry weather. Even during the dry days, the painting might be superb, but the harsh sun’s rays falling on them would be daunting. During the rainy season, they hardly find any jobs

Crowded areas

For visibility reasons, signs are drawn in areas where the crowd gathers the most. So, the painter should build his painting site on these places as well. He is constantly exposed to the unhealthy smoke and dust which comes from the roads. The noises of the crowd and traffic can be very distracting while the disturbance of pedestrians is unavoidable. If the painter does signwriting as an artist, he’s not going to like what he does for living. So, many of them do so for the money they get.


Apart from the above mentioned flaws of the job, there are other affiliated problems these people have to face. One such problem is the constant maintenance calls they get from former clients. Other challenges include telephone or contacting via email for cost estimation and the unprecedented places requested for painting.

None of the jobs we do are easy. Signwriting is not an exception of it.